ThingsCon News Copenhagen Tech Fest; New Chapters; Interviewed on Ethical IoT; We’re on a mission to massively increase the footprint of the ThingsCon community with 15 new chapters, including 5 in the global South. Learn more about how it works and get in touch to start your local chapter, right now! EVENT UPDATES The quiet […]

ThingsCon Amsterdam: A responsible Internet of Things from Peter Bihr This week we’re in the Netherlands for ThingsCon Amsterdam, the largest ThingsCon event this year (and one of an ever-growing number, see the event list <3). The local team around Monique, Marcel & Iskander kindly asked me to give the keynote. I was honored and […]

ThingsCon mission statement

September 8, 2016

Over the weekend, we gathered our core community—the local organizers plus a handful of key stakeholders, supporters and partners—for a weekend retreat out in the countryside. Among many other things, we worked out a mission statement for ThingsCon. So far this hadn’t formally existed: Intuitively we knew where things were headed, but it hadn’t been […]