A long-overdue write-up of my notes from ThingsCon Shenzhen. Apologies for the informality —Peter   On 27 April 2017, David Li and the Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab (SZOIL) hosted the inaugural ThingsCon Shenzhen event. It was our first ThingsCon ever in Shenzhen, and the second in China. (In Shanghai, Simone Rebaudengo of automato already hosts a […]

ThingsCon goes Shenzhen

February 15, 2017

Our Shenzhen shenanigans are coming together nicely. April will be all about going (back) to Shenzhen and do a deep immersion into the hardware ecosystem that produces most of the world’s connected hardware. Only this time it’ll be much easier for you to join in on the fun as there’ll be a fully organized trip […]

We just held the very first ThingsCon event in Asia! Our event was kindly hosted by no other than Simone Rebaudengo, inventor of Addicted Toasters and Teacher of Algorithms ThingsCon Salon Shanghai was the very first ThingsCon event in Asia ever and a resounding success! Simone kicks off ThingsCon Shanghai ThingsCon Salon Shanghai was the […]