August 17, 2016

A (growing) collection of resources that are relevant to this community, created by friends, or both. See something that needs including? Ping us!

We provide a range of resource including lists of relevant reading, research, events, and others. Enjoy!>

ThingsCon publications

  • ThingsCon Report: A Trustmark for IoT. As a commission for Mozilla, we explored the potentials and challenges of a trustmark for the Internet of Things (IoT). This report shares our findings.
  • ThingsCon Report: The State of Responsible IoT. A collection of essays by experts from the inter-disciplinary ThingsCon community of IoT practitioners. It explores the challenges, opportunities and questions surrounding the creation of a responsible & human-centric Internet of Things (IoT).
  • View Source: Shenzhen. An exploration of the Shenzhen hardware ecosystem & the importance of creating a responsible IoT. (June 2017)



Reading lists

Projects & networks

  • Mozilla OpenIoT Studio
    Github repo for all projects, documentation, links, and outputs of to the OpenIoT Studio.
  • Global Innovation Gathering
    GIG is a global community of innovation hub founders, community managers, makers and hackers based on grassroots development and cooperation.

Research & publications

  • [book] Higher education in the time of IoT
    by Boris Adryan. Publication expected in late 2016.
  • [research] The Good Home
    Exploringideas for better 21st century urban living in tech-savvy households. By Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino and Peter Bihr.
  • [research] ThingClash
    Framework for considering cross-impacts and implications of colliding technologies, systems, cultures and values around the Internet of Things by the Changeist crew.
  • [ebook] Understanding the connected home
    by Michelle Thorne & Peter Bihr

Events we like

  • Mozfest (London)
    Mozilla’s festival for the open web.
  • .process (Dortmund)
    .process attempts to make the hidden outcomes of working processes visible. Co-founded by Simon Höher.
  • Open IoT Assembly (London)
    The Open IoT Assembly, organized by Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, aims to define what an Open IoT should look like in 2017.

Design tools

  • IoT Service Kit by Ricardo Brito & Paul Houghton (Futurice)
  • Know Cards by Tina Aspiala with support from Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino


Also, check out all the local ThingsCon events.