ThingsCon started out as an annual conference, and it has grown into a global community.
Building on this foundation, for 2017 we aim to explore more local communities, bring more stakeholders in & foster the fantastic ThingsCon community year round, and support local teams to host 3 larger events (Amsterdam, London, Shenzhen).
Concretely, we are planning for 2017:

  • Several satellite events around the globe, building on the successful model of ThingsCon Amsterdam. (Again, a big thank you to our friends Iskander, Marcel, Monique & co. for making this possible.)
  • Complementary activities to further help bridge the gap between the various communities around ThingsCon, like a road trip to the factories in Shenzhen.
  • A year round ongoing conversation online, and smaller informal meetups year round wherever our crew members go.

Interested in hosting a local ThingsCon community event? Learn more here.

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