In 2013 Simon, Max, Emanuel and Peter got together to found ThingsCon – a conference that would cater to the growing needs of the „Internet of Things“ and Hardware scene in Berlin. The first edition of ThingsCon was held in May 2014 and played the foundation for the coming years.

  • Peter Bihr

    Conference Chair

    Peter Bihr is the founder of The Waving Cat, where he explores the impact of emerging technologies and helps apply the insights of innovators through consulting and conferences. As a strategy advisor, he helps organizations large and small excel in an environment shaped by digitization, connectedness and rapid change. He has co-founded and chaired many acclaimed emerging technology conferences including ThingsCon, UIKonf and Cognitive Cities Conference, and serves as Program Director of NEXT as well as co-chair of Interaction 16.

  • Emanuel Schwarz

    Conference Chair

    Emanuel Schwarz is a designer, front-end developer and entrepreneur from Berlin. Over the last couple of years he co-founded a Start-Up that went on to create two platforms: Knowable, a collaborative tool to work on hardware projects together and Polymer, a social network that makes it easier for hardware professionals to find each other. During this time he teamed up with the other guys to start ThingsCon, and also began mentoring other companies as part of the Seedcamp network.

  • Simon Höher

    Conference Chair

    Simon Höher co-founded and chairs ThingsCon. He is the co-­founder of Polymer, a platform for creators to work better together, find inspiration and new collaborators. Simon is a facilitator of communities and projects, that explore concepts of technology and culture in a global context and he mentors at Seedcamp.

  • Max Krüger

    Conference Chair

    Max is interested in spaces, experiences and technologies to foster collaboration, creativity and the active exchange of knowledge. He worked on several highly regarded projects including UIKonf, the Global Innovation Lounge and the Creative Space Explorer.

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