Thingscon Brussels: Blockchain, IoT & People

In a series of satellite events, we're excited to bring insights and inspiration throughout Europe. Dries de Roeck, Rob van Kranenburg and Tom Collins kindly offered to host our first satellite of 2016 in Belgium.

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This Brussels satellite event will be all about radically questioning the status quo. We're taking a lot of things for granted in our techno-social environment. Yet, nothing should be taken for granted - by being critical about our day to day activities, a lot of inspiration for the future can be identified.

1. Question The Obvious (Rob Van Kranenburg, Tom Collins & Dries De Roeck)

On digital transition, settings and mindsets of how to deal with anything Internet of Things (including pointless things and give priceless advice on how to survive in the 21h Century). Rob, Tom and Dries will unveil a new initiative, which aims to question things we take for granted in our lives. Doing so, a design space for radical concepts opens up.

2. Blockchain, humans & IoT (Jef Cavens)

There has been a lot of writing and talking about blockchain technology and it's applicability to IoT. But what does this actually mean? What has the Blockchain to offer for our everyday lives? We're thrilled to have Jef Cavens, who has been involved in Blockchain related US companies from the day that the first bitcoins saw daylight.

This event is made made possible by ThingsCon, CHI Belgium and Studio Dott. Thanks to Productize for hosting us!


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