ThingsCon 2016 and beyond

Happy new year, everyone! It's been quiet here at ThingsCon HQ for the last few months. We haven't been idle, though - far from it. We've been thinking about the next couple of years. (Note: This updates and replaces our last post about future plans.)

After running ThingsCon for two years with the conference in Berlin and a satellite event in Amsterdam, we feel it's time to take ThingsCon to the next level.

2016 is a year to build foundations, explore more local communities, bring more stakeholders in & foster the fantastic ThingsCon community year round, and prepare for a bigger, better conference for years to come.

Concretely, we are planning for 2016:

  • Several satellite events around the globe, building on the successful model of ThingsCon Amsterdam. (Again, a big thank you to our friends Iskander, Monique & co. for making this possible.)
  • Complementary activities to further help bridge the gap between the various communities around ThingsCon, like a road trip to the factories in Shenzhen.
  • A year round ongoing conversation online, and smaller informal meetups year round where our crew members go, like Belgrade in April, Berlin, Milan, and other places.

Additionally, we'll have a small retreat with stakeholders and advisors later in the year to explore the themes and priorities for 2017.

And then in 2017, building on these foundations, we'll have another ThingsCon Berlin conference, bigger and better than ever.


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